October 15 2018

SYNERGY: the interaction of two or more people, producing a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate efforts.

Synergy Soccer Club


Synergy Soccer Club was formed in May 2009 following a split of the Glen Ellyn Raiders Soccer Club. Synergy will continue to write its history through the players, trainers, and coaches who dedicate their time and efforts to improving the level of play of its many players.


Our Mission

Synergy Soccer Club was founded in 2009 as an organization dedicated to the physical and mental development of high-level youth soccer players in a fun and competitive environment.

Our Philosophy

U8–U12 Synergy Soccer Club emphasizes the technical development of young players whose great fundamental ability will allow each player to be successful in any system of play. Our strong commitment to develop highly skilled and confident young players will translate into more success—and enjoyment—later in the playing careers of our players.

U13–U18 Synergy Soccer Club develops premier level teams for dedicated soccer players, particularly those looking to play in college and beyond. Our devoted training staff continues to emphasize individual player development, with an increasing focus on tactical team awareness. We also strive to educate our players in the areas of work ethic, teamwork, and goal-setting.

Why choose Synergy

Synergy Soccer Club provides a great experience for our youth players. We strive to create personal relationships with our players and help them to develop not only their soccer abilities, but also friendships and a competitive spirit that will last a lifetime.