June 23 2018

SYNERGY: the interaction of two or more people, producing a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate efforts.


Each team has their own page to stay up to date with practice times, game times and photos. Please select your team from the list below.

Team Name Division Contacts
2009 Boys U9 - Div4
2008 Boys U10
2007 Boys Navy U11 - Div5
2007 Boys Green U11 - Div3
2006 Boys U12
2005 Boys U13
04/05 Boys Navy U14
2004 Boys U14 - Div 3
2003 Boys Premier U15 - Div1
2002 Boys Premier State Premiership Division
2001 Boys Premier U17 - Div2
2008 Girls U10D
2007 Girls U11B
2006 Girls U12C
2005 Girls Navy U13D
2005 Girls Green U13B
2004 Girls IWSL U14B
2003 Girls Premier MRL First Division Red
2002 Girls Premier State Premiership Division
2001 Girls Premier IWSL Club Open Division
2000 Girls Premier MRL U18 Qualifier Division
1999 Girls Premier State Premiership Division